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Prophesy Digital What Makes Us Unique

website-imagesThe massive increase in digital media advertising in the last few years has created an enormous amount of work within big agencies & brought in to sharp focus the skills shortage, which exists in the Australian marketplace. This has meant that fantastic brands who do not have “top 100” budgets are being lost within big media agencies. Often serviced by junior staff, they are not able to make the most of the digital opportunities that exist for their business.

Prophesy Digital is a boutique Digital Media Consultancy, all about delivering experienced digital media strategy & planning service for fantastic brands who are not being heard within big agencies.

Prophesy Digital is run by Mehrak Saheb who has worked in the Digital Media Industry for the past 12 years, managing the digital presence of some of Australia’s biggest brands.


How we work

Digital facebook adsWe pride ourselves on delivering strategic, clever & effective digital media solutions for our clients.

Strategic: Because we put the consumer at the heart of our planning process. It’s not just about the technology but how consumers use that technology, why & what state of mind.

Clever: Because our implementation strategies always start with the question “wouldn’t it be amazing if we could…?” This allows us to push the boundaries of digital technology & deliver standout executions.

Effective: Because we set up quantifiable goals for every single campaign, this ensures we are all clear on what the campaign needs to deliver. We also firmly believe that campaign reporting & optimisation is the backbone of every digital campaign & we have made this an integral part of our process.


Our Clients: Present and Past

Endeavour Collage of Natural Health
Iririki Island Resort Vanuatu
Cracka Wine
John Deere
Ursa Clemenger
Nude Food Movers
Dulce Luna
Pure Vitamins
Greater Building Society
Our Deal
Navy Health

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.

–Steuart Henderson Britt

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