Our Story

We are a digital media strategy consultancy, born to provide experienced digital media thinking for clients who are not being heard within big agencies.

The surge in digital media investment has flooded big agencies with work, exposing a glaring skills gap in the Australian market. While major brands with hefty budgets benefit from top-tier expertise, fantastic brands with smaller budgets find themselves in the care of junior staff—digital platform operators trained in data and tech capabilities but lacking in strategic acumen. The consequence? Tech-centric digital strategies that sideline the essence of consumer connection.

At Prophesy Digital, we believe in the transformative power of data and technology, but above all, we believe in the importance of consumer behavior in forging meaningful connections between brands and audiences. We prioritise putting the consumer at the heart of our strategic process, understanding that when we talk about ‘data’ we are not just talking about numbers but about PEOPLE —individuals with nuanced desires, aspirations, and preferences. We are all about understanding the humans behind the data and crafting strategies that resonate with them on a deeper level.

Our mission at Prophesy is simple: To provide senior digital media thinking for brands who are lost within big agencies.  We endeavour to bridge the gap between brands and consumers in the digital world, ensuring meaningful connections and sustainable growth.

Your digital media strategy will be managed by our founder & Strategist, Mehrak Saheb, an industry veteran of 22 years who has overseen the digital presence of some of Australia’s most respected brands. From the tech giants Telstra and Vodafone to influential entities such as the Australian Labour Party, Holden, World Vision, Foxtel, 20th Century Fox, Adobe, Sony Music & many more.