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Combating Social Media Misinformation in Political Campaigns: A Pre-emptive Strategy

Incorporating Pre-emptive Debunking into social media planning is essential in the modern political landscape. As the US election approaches and a potential Australian election looms, the power of misinformation on social media cannot be underestimated. Misinformation has always been a part of political discourse, but the advent of social media has amplified its reach and […]

Future-Proofing: Broadcasters Need To Turbocharge BVOD Efforts

The time for broadcasters to put pedal to the metal is now. As the landscape of television consumption undergoes a seismic shift, broadcasters face an urgent imperative to adapt. Digital video has revolutionised the way we watch TV, leaving traditional Free-to-Air television in its wake. With each passing year, the allure of FTA wanes, while […]

Pharmaceuticals, What a Time to Join the Digital Party

Strategies for Pharmaceuticals to remain targeted in digital campaigns with little or no first party data. The Australian pharmaceutical industry has been a late entrant to the digital advertising world but is now picking up the pace with many companies spending a significant portion of their media budget in digital channels. They have joined the […]